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Antigone Reaction Essay

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Making a Judgment: Who is the Tragic Hero of Antigone?, Scene 4 and 5 (2 of 2)

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Around her last breath, she made her husband. Outside, you need three reasons supported with different evidence from Antigone W. The sentry brings Antigone.

The guards uncovered the body and waited for someone to come. Antigone came to rebury the body and was captured. She did not deny it. 2. What is Antigone’s attitude toward death? She does not fear it. It would be better than the suffering she has gone through.

3. Whom else does Creon want to question?

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Ismene 4. Antigone will have no "just cause," or no human reason for bringing herself to the point of death. Instead, she acts in terms of her desire, a desire she clings to despite its madness.

Just as she always played with water, ate from all the plates at once, or went swimming at dawn, she will bury Polynices. SamplePrestwick House Response Journal person’s relationship to Antigone and that person’s response toward her actions.

4. A play such as Antigone would most likely have been performed in a Greek amphitheater. Research to find out more about amphitheaters in ancient Greece. Imagine you are a tour guide in Athens in B.C. Write a. Antigone is a Greek film adaptation of the Ancient Greek tragedy Antigone by Sophocles.

It stars Irene Papas in the title role and was directed by Yorgos Javellas. The film follows the story of the play closely, but ends differently–instead of Creon retiring back to the palace as in the play, the film ends with Creon relinquishing his Starring: Irene Papas, Manos Katrakis.

TEACHING MORALITY IN SOPHOCLES’ ANTIGONE THROUGH FILM. Thesis. Submitted to. The College of Arts and Sciences of the. UNIVERSITY OF DAYTON. Rosenblatt’s Reader-Response Theory to approach four moral questions regarding family, state, love, and fate students will learn about their own.

The Chorus introduces the players. Antigone is the girl who will rise up alone and die young. Haemon, Antigone's dashing fiancé, chats with Ismene, her beautiful sister. Though one would have expected Haemon to go for Ismene, he inexplicably proposed to Antigone on the night of a ball.

Creon is.

Response to antigone film
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